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Professional Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation Services

The opener of the garage door handles the job of automating the door functions. The opener has a motor that you can control via a remote device and a wall switch. If you ever experience damages to the opener, you’ll need to access the garage manually.

You need a high-quality garage door opener repair service to cater to impairments in the device. Here at Premier Garage Door Repair Pros, we offer our repair works to damage in the opener. Our team of technicians can cater to all common damages like broken gears, faulty door opener sensors, chain and belt replacement, and reprogramming service.

Apart from the repair service, we also give our garage door opener installation services. We work with well-known names in the market that provide high-quality openers such as, LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman. For all new garages in town, call us to install your new opener models.

We promise to provide accessible service all week long and offer our same-day service from experienced technicians. To guarantee top-notch quality works and brand-new opener units, we give you a warranty on parts and service as well.

garage door opener repair and installation

Garage door Opener Repair

Sometimes you can’t decide between getting a repair or a replacement. There are notable signs that will tell you that the opener only needs a repair.

Call our team for a garage door opener repair if you ever experience the following situations:  

  • The opener exhibits a broken gear
  • There is a faulty motherboard in the motor
  • There are issues and damages in the sensors
  • The chain drive of the opener is loose
  • Broken and unresponsive wall unit switch and remote control device
  • The door in the track still has slower operation after control adjustment

Garage door Opener Installation

Repairs solve minor and significant issues in the opener. Sometimes, a replacement garage door opener is a more efficient choice for the garage.

Book a garage door opener installation with our team if any of these conditions apply to in your garage:

  • The necessary parts for the repair are not available
  • Unavailable sensors for some brands we don’t work with
  • Upgrading into a better opener to the doors in the garage
  • Increasing the garage security
  • More features integrated into the automated home system
  • The opener is already old

Common Garage Door Opener Issues

Over time, you will experience common issues with the movement of the doors in your garage. It’s normal to experience some concerns as the door wears down and ages over time. You only need proper maintenance to address minor problems and proper service for big problems you can’t solve.

garage door opener fix
The Garage Door Opener is Not Closing Normally (Sensors)
Safety sensors are in charge of detecting any object that stands in the path of the garage door while it is closing. If there is an object blocking the way, these sensors will not allow the garage door to close.
If you checked for objects and couldn’t find any in the pathway, contact our team of experts and we will help repair your garage door opener.
Opener Reversing Feature Doesn’t Work
A door that doesn’t respond to auto-reverse makes for a dangerous garage. The purpose of the opener reversing feature is to prevent the door from closing down on any object or person in the way. Always perform a garage door safety check before you close the garage.
Grinding Noises
Noisy doors cause a lot of annoyance, but they are subtle indicators of the condition of the opener. Broken gears and loose door opener parts can be the source of the grinding noises you hear.
The Remote Keypad or Control of the Garage Door Opener is not Responding
Unresponsive garage door keypad or faulty garage door remote can limit the functions of the doors in the garage. Check first for the device’s batteries, and if it doesn’t work, book for a programming service from our team.
Emergency Release is Pulled Down
The garage door emergency release is helpful for manual opening functions of the doors along the track. When you need to pull the emergency release, it disengages the door opener to give you manual control of the doors in the garage. The garage door won’t open after you pull down the emergency release.

Types Of Garage Door Openers

There are many types of openers in the market. Various brands have available high-quality openers for different kinds of doors in the garage. One such brand that produces excellent door openers is the LiftMaster Opener.

Chain Driven Garage Door Opener

chain drive garage door opener from Liftmaster

Chain-driven openers use a chain to carry over the doors in the garage overhead tracks.
It’s a quite popular choice for an opener mechanism.

Advantages of a Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener

– Most affordable door opener among all types of openers

– Can handle heavy garage doors

– Fares well in all weather conditions

Belt Driven Garage Door Opener

belt drive garage door opener from Liftmaster

The mechanism in belt-driven garage openers use a rubber belt to open the garage door. These kinds of openers are slightly faster than other models.

Advantages of a Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener

– Quiet mechanism from the door opener
– Fast and efficient operations of the garage door
– Long-lasting shelf life

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

wall mount garage door opener
The wall mount opener is also known as a jackshaft garage door opener, and is located on the side on the garage. You won’t find these openers in residential garages. Heavy-duty wall mount openers can carry heavy doors to greater heights.

Advantages of a Wall Mount Garage Door Opener
– Works best in garages with limited ceiling clearance
– Easier to maintain than other models
– Suitable for high ceiling settings like commercial settings (i.e., warehouse)

Brands We Work With

garage door opener liftmaster
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