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Garage Door Panel

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Garage door panels are subject to damage over the years. Recent panel designs can have many panels that can move independently.
During the process of panel replacement, you have to be careful with the connections and weights directed at you.
Replacing broken panels doesn’t mean that you have to replace all panels. You need to know that you can change a broken panel without replacing the whole door.
At Premier Garage Door Repair Pros, we can replace the panels based on what model you have. We have been working with various brands making it possible to get certain panels.
Our team consists of certified technicians who work seven days a week, with no extra charge on the weekends. We also offer panel warranty on labor and parts.
Contact us today to have our professional and licensed technicians to come and fix your garage door.

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Different Garage Door Panel Damages

Major panel damages can be stressful. You have to seek professional help and let experts do the work. Here are some reasons why your garage door panels get damaged:

Weather Changes

It is a normal thing that your garage door panels will not work right after years of use. Furthermore, it is subject to different weather changes that can test its durability.

For instance, after a heavy rain you can notice leaks and damages on the panels. Visual issues are signs that your panels need big changes. Overlooking these signs can be dangerous to your family, as well as yourself.

Track Issues

The garage door track keeps the door aligned properly. Even though the track is one of the most essential parts of the garage door system, it can be easily overlooked.
Off-track problems can cause your garage door to fall on you or your car, leading to a serious or even fatal injury.
Such tracks can stress the motor or other parts, eventually causing harm to both the door, the track and the panels themselves.


Backing your car into the garage door, while trying to exit the garage, is more common than you might think. As a result, there’s a possibility one or more of the panels got bent and damaged. Depending on the severity of the accident, you might get away by replacing single panels and not the garage door itself.  

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Panel Replacement VS Garage Door Replacement

Typically, when garage door panels get damaged you have two options. You can change some of the panels or replace the entire garage door.
Of course, there are few things to consider before deciding whether to replace the panels or not. Here are some identifiers that can help you decide:

Your Door’s Age

If you have had your garage door for a couple of decades, then consider replacing the entire door. Moreover, if your garage door is quite old, the panels matching your door will probably no longer be available.
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Degree Of Damage

Before deciding, you have to consider the degree of damage caused to your garage door. If only one or two panels were damaged, panel replacement is the better solution. We work with various brands and can find matching panels to the ones you have.
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